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Rocky Canoe Club is based out of Rocky Mountain House in Alberta Canada. We focus on paddle development, safety, and building a stronger paddling community. We are ambassadors of environmental stewardship and water safety for paddlers of all ages.

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I have been a member of The RCC since 2012. I was introduced to paddling by a very dear friend and fell in love with it. Life is better on the water!



Events Director

Lori moved to the Rocky Mountain House area in 2001 and became involved in the RCC shortly after that. For her, being on the water is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Getting to see others fall in love with what our lakes and rivers do for our bodies, minds and souls is the gift that keeps on giving. Live4Paddling. 




The love of water has always been strong for me. Before I was in a canoe, I spent lots of time sending my siblings down the North Saskatchewan in theirs. It wasn’t until my teen years that I was really introduced to paddling, when I joined RCC to train and compete in the summer games.  I took a little break for a few years but was reminded of my love of paddling by some friends around 2012 at which time I joined RCC again and have been hooked since!



Vice President

A few years ago, I was introduced to some amazing people who share a passion for this sport and now there's no turning back! 

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Member of the RCC since 2016. I love watching the excitement of people exploring the water, especially my own kids. I have enjoyed learning a new sport, meeting other wonderful paddlers, and having many laughs and experiences on and off the water with our favourite RCCers. 




We joined club in 2017. It started as a fun family activity at the lake on Wednesday nights, and has turned into a passion for all of us. We have made many great friends and it just seems to get better every year.




Grant Chevallier

Architects design things of beauty that function. If we were to compare our volunteers to these sorts of impactful monuments around the world, Grant Chevallier would be our Golden Gate Bridge. Grant and Elyse allowed the RCC to span a past dominant era to the current one. Grant Chevallier did it with his determination balanced with grace and generosity. His genuine love for paddling and innate drive to share paddling’s greatest gems have benefitted not only the people who enjoy our ideal paddling Mecca here in Central Alberta but our community as a whole. Words can never express how grateful we are to this quiet icon, our Golden Gate of the RCC. 


Rob Leire

Kayaker Profile,

Rob Leier

Lives in Red Deer AB

Hometown Swift Current SK

Paddling Since 2012


Courses Taken: Intro to Moving Water, Next Step, Beyond Next Step, Freestyle Kayaking Rolling in the Current.

Rivers Paddled: Red Deer, North Saskatchewan, Kananaskies, Castle, Oldman, Crows Nest, St. Mary’s, Bull, Blindman, Kootenay, Brazeau.

Lakes Paddled: Sylavn, Emerald.

Boats: Wavesport Diesel 70, Jackson All Star.

Best likes: Play Boating. River Running.

Bonus Playtime: West Edmonton Wave Pool Sessions.

Favorite Hole: Brierley's

Rob has been helping the RCC out on the river and the pool sessions for many years! Rob is a key volunteer in the RCC and we appreciate all he does for our KYD's and newbies.


Mitch Raynard

Mitch comes to us from the Red Deer river with a special interest in playing, coaching and expanding Canoe polo throughout central Alberta. He moved back to Alberta to start his own business building kayaks after 7 years guiding sea kayaks around Vancouver island and has been instructing whitewater ever since.

Mitch has in the past been a paid student for Alberta Whitewater Association for the last couple years and has become a regular coach for our KYD Program.

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